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Ma hozzáadva: 14.05.2009 13:56

Budapest Operetta Theatre - print your ticket at home

History Until the beginning of World War I. the building housed an orpheum bar. When the war broke out "the palace of entertainment" closed, marking the end of the golden age of the orpheum. This is meant the end of what was later nostalgically called "the happy times of peace." In 1923 the city of Budapest decided to give the genre of operetta a home of its own. With the opening of the ...teljes hír

Ma hozzáadva: 28.07.2008 17:30

Operetta ship Budapest - order your tickets now

We'd like to kindly invite You and your kind friends to an unforgettable musical, gastronomical and touristic experience, to the OPERETTA-SHIP. During the candle-lit voyage the international program of excellent singing, instrumental and dancing artists of the Hungarian State Opera House will guarantee Your entertainment. They sing and play the most popular passages of operas, operettas, Italian, ...teljes hír

Ma hozzáadva: 19.02.2008 14:26

A38 Ship - get your concert tickets from Ticketportal!

A38 is an independent cultural venue on a converted Ukranian stone carrier ship, harboured on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary. A38’s objective is to become a sparkling, dynamic cultural and community centre. A38 mainly programmes international modern music (jazz, world music, rock, electronic music, etc) but also provides home for various cultural activities such as professional meetings, film, ...teljes hír

Ma hozzáadva: 14.05.2007 10:43

Budapest Operetta Theatre

Just like last year, your favourite operettas, which make the Budapest Operetta Theatre more and more popular will stay on the repertoire. Countess Maritza (Marica grofnő) had its 100th performance, Mike the Magnate (Magnas Miska) has been played more than 125 times. Strauss' very successful operetta, The Fledermaus (A denever) will continue with the same splendid cast and with a well-known guest ...teljes hír